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A personal web site Gökhan Ozar featuring some of his noteworthy works, and a "tech" blog.

Gokhan Ozar is an IT professional with educational background in Banking and Finance, fluent in English and French, with more than 17 years of IT experience including expertise in the areas of application development, database design, data analysis, project management, systems implementation and integration, training, support, and delegation of support.

Ozar is also the author of a book on database administration with more IT book authoring projects underway.

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I obsess over the best ways to develop, and teach software design, user experience, and business process improvement. Then I design digital products that do this.

Web Development

Started with core technologies both on Java Web Profile based-on ``AJAXified`` JSF and PHP with Bootstrap, and jQuery on a continuous journey to Full Stack Web Development with Node.js, Angular and React.

Back-End with Java EE

Built upon my skills on Java Web Profile, worked on back-end solutions taking advantage of the major APIs of Java EE such as JSF, JPA, EJB, JTA, CDI, JMS, JAX-RS, Batch Processing, WebSockets, JSON-P & JSON-B

Business Process Management

Experience with various BPM products by implementing various solutions which helped the corporations served to improve their business processes and efficiency and reduce costs.

Operational Decision Management

A notion developed by IBM, ODM constitutes an all-in-one solution combining Business Rule Management (BRM) and complex event processing with prescriptive and predictive analytics. Implemented several micro-services-oriented solutions with this product with cross-platform inter-operability on an international scale with weighted focus on business rule application development.

Web Design

Created my first web site back in 1996 using core HTML and JavaScript, actively following the evolution of the web, keeping up with the trends such as the advent of the semantic markups, responsive design with mobile-first approach, increased micro-interactions, advanced scroll-triggered animations, even progressive web app functionality with no installation requirements to the end user.


Also well-versed in teaching software and programming for the aforementioned technologies, and recently started creating digital and interactive e-learning materials to create digital self-paced learning experiences which shape the future of learning in a cycle of continuous-improvement.

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