What's it About?

Everything you need to know to use Navicat for database design, modeling and administration of MySQL. You can learn some advanced SQL, as well. You can also apply what you have learnt to manage other databases such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.

Any database designer, developer or administrator who wants to accomplish both everyday tasks and more advanced actions with a few clicks or drag-and-drops can now do so using Navicat’s advanced tools and this book. Starting with the basics before progressing with advanced features, the book can be read from cover to cover, or simply used as a reference guide for any problems you encounter.

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The First and Currently the Only Book on Navicat

The only book ever written and published for Navicat at the time of this writing, MySQL Management and Administration with Navicat features ‘work along’ tutorials, tips, tricks, and more...

What the Book teaches

MySQL Management and Administration with Navicat features ‘work along’ tutorials, tips and tricks about Navicat for MySQL. It even features some intermediate to advanced SQL tutorials. The book reveals some features of Navicat which you may have never known existed – features such as drawing E-R diagrams, generating database tables from them, or reverse-engineer a database for vice versa, editing foreign keys with only a few clicks, designing functions and stored procedures, event triggers, creating batch jobs, scheduling them, and more…

Setting Up Simple to Advanced Connections

Easily set up servers, establish connections, even configure proxies and SSH tunnels as well as SSL

Database Design the 21st Century Way

Design databases, tables, complex views, queries, functions and stored procedures through hand coding, point-and-click, or a mix of both.

Turn visual thinking into code

Establish and manage complex relationships with visual editors and get the automatically generated SQL

Import/Export Structure and Data as easy as you use Google Translate

Import data or an entire database from almost any data source and export to a different database platform or a plethora of file formats

Go Freely Back and Forth Between Visualisation and Coding

Create visual models and create a database from them or just reverse-engineer an existing database into a visual diagram

Have Navicat do All the DBA Work

Backup and restore MySQL databases easily, or better yet, create batch jobs and define automated schedules. Manage complex privileges, analyze and repair tables with a few clicks.

What People Say

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David M. Stokes

David M. Stokes

MySQL Guru

“ Navicat for MySQL has been around for over ten years and allows graphical database management and development do be performed on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Pact Publishing now has book out for those wishing to master this tool. The book is divided into six chapters and starts with the basics of installation and access over SSL. Please note that there is also a Navicat premium tool that allows a database administrator to work with MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle, and PostgreSQL databases within a single application. I highly recommend this book for those new to using Navicat. This is a great introduction to a powerful tool. Experienced users may want deeper details. But Navicat newbies should have a copy of this for a handy reference. ”

A Book Customer

A Reader

Amazon Customer

“ Get it with Navicat. Newer MySQL than book, but still best way to learn Navicat which is MUCH better than Workbench. Powerful tool for MySQL 101 users. ”

Djoni Darmawikarta

Djoni Darmawikarta

Senior Data Analyst

“ Right from the first chapter, you will eagerly look forward to continuing to the next; and highly likely you will only stop when you finish the very last page of the appendix. Regardless you are a database administrator, designer or application developer; new or familiar to MySQL, if you have used or are deciding to use Navicat, you will find this book a priceless hands-on tutor. ”

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From Amazon and Apple iBook Store to Barnes and Nobles and Safari Books Online, MySQL Management and Administration with Navicat Book is available worldwide.