MySQL Management and Administration with Navicat

Your team leader asked you for an E-R diagram for the database your team is working on? The sales department needs figures compiled from your corporate CRM in Excel format? The software architect decided to move the database to a different platform and you have only two hours to complete the migration? You want to automize backups and batch jobs? You are tired of memorizing and typing commands in the console for database tasks?

Enter MySQL Management and Administration with Navicat the book I have authored for Packt Publishing.

Learn how to master such stunts using Navicat and the recipes in this book.

Navicat is a GUI tool (available for both Mac and the PC) makes it easy and efficient to manage every aspect of a MySQL Server with visual tools as well as an intelligent code editor for hand-coding SQL and stored procedures. While some of Navicat’s features are fairly intuitive, some of them require guidance to be discovered and learnt.

The book starts from basic server connection setup, database design from scratch or importing an existing one, and then continues with using advanced features such as designing functions and stored procedures, even event triggers, and then creating batch jobs and scheduling jobs.

The chapters are ordered in a logic where the user starts from simple structures to complex design and gradually introduced advanced features. By the end of the latest chapter, the reader should be able to handle every aspect of a MySQL database administration as well as having learnt how to master the intelligent code editor in case of development needs such as functions and procedures.

For intermediate and advanced level MySQL users and administrators, the book could be used as a reference guide and chapters need not be followed in any specific order. The book MySQL Management and Administration with Navicat will turn anyone into a MySQL DBA or a database designer who wants to accomplish both everyday tasks and/or specific actions with a few point-and-clicks and drag-and-drop and in no time using Navicat’s advanced visual yet easy-to-use tools.

The book also features some tutorials some of which will surprise most readers by revealing certain advanced features of Navicat which otherwise no-one would think that they even existed – features which will make administrators of databases whose platform is not supported by any other edition of Navicat, jealous.

The book is out as of September 2012 from Packt Publishing, and it’s also available from bookstores and online shopping sites like Amazon . Navicat

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